Back to the woods I go, I go.

February 17, 2014

My post-birthday stay-cation is coming to a close.

These are my reflections on three weeks to do whatever I want, whenever:

– Self-care is so important, and worth the time, dedication, and money. 
– I could spend every waking moment of my life being in contact with all of the people that I love and I would never feel like it was enough. 
– Asheville is an endless source of good food and drink.
– I have missed running and it is important for my mental/emotional/physical health. 
– Structure/routine/goals are crucial. 
– Organizing, achieving, simplifying, and cleaning make me feel less chaotic inside. 
– It’s ok to be lazy and watch tv sometimes.
– Watching too much tv can make you feel like a directionless and worthless human being. 
– I am loved and supported and cared for. 
– Intention, intention, intention.
– Growing up is hard and sometimes super lame. 
– Doing things/life alone is more expensive than doing them in community with others. 
– Bills seem to all be due at the same time.
– Taking risks can be empowering, rewarding, pleasantly surprising, embarrassing, and insanely painful.
– I am a grown-ass woman.
– Love is hard. Relationships are so complex and ever-changing. 
– I love my job…and I’m pretty ok at it, too. 
– Explore your city and don’t pass judgements/assumptions on it. 
– Taking the plunge to coffee-nerd status may just be worth it. 
– I am no different/better than the person whom it is the hardest for me to forgive. 
– Physical touch is a powerful, important, and beautiful thing. 
– Saying that “I’m 28” is weird. 
– Sometimes, holding onto something that’s broken, and trying really hard to fix it, is worse than just letting go of it. 
– Life is constantly changing. 
– Reunions are sweet. 
– Idle time can be used to your detriment or your benefit, it’s your choice. 
– Life tells you who your best friends are. 
– Love the ones you’re with.
– Sometimes, you just need to dress up and go have a fancy drink!
– No one is entitled to your trust…it has to be earned.
– Over-sharing is not helpful. 
– I love going for walks. 
– To be known and loved is one of life’s greatest gifts. 
– The grass is green enough.