happy thanksgiving, carie.

November 24, 2011

i got to sleep in this thanksgiving. and i get to spend it in larche… unfortunately a whole 2,500 miles away from my family. i went downstairs to lots of merry making around the island in the kitchen, a beautiful table setting, a “tree of thanks” hung on the wall waiting to be decorated with the gratefulness of 30 people, a huge turkey in the oven, a hug from my good friend kate…i went downstairs to my family. i walked into my friend caries’ “nook” where she sits many days in the quiet of her personal and beautiful space. i sat down with her, admiring her cute thanksgiving outfit and the smile on her face. and i just said…”happy thanksgiving carie!” and this feeling came over me, quite strong and powerful – this feeling that this moment was full, and it held so much for the both of us. so many thoughts and emotions rushed through me. i thought of my family and all of the pictures of food and togetherness they have sent me already today, i thought of choosing to be with them or choosing to be in larche – and how difficult that is for me, i thought of carie and her life here…all 20+ years without “family” in the traditional sense of the word. i felt an overwhelming sense of honor, to be with carie on thanksgiving, and what a gift that was to my life. and i said to her…”i choose you, carie. i choose you.” to which she responded with her huge and beautiful grin and the intentional blinking of her eyes, which is her way of saying “yes.” here i sat with this beautiful woman who has taught me so much about trust and patience and forgiveness and gentleness and just “be-ing”. a woman who has never known family in the way that i have and still do. living with her now “family”…a lot of whom get to choose to leave and be with their own families for holidays such as this… and the ones she is in the company of when it’s all said and done are those who have chosen her. and all of the possible feelings of regret and “missing out” on time with my family that was happening across the nation as we sat…completely disappeared, and peace to be exactly where i was totally covered my entire being. what a gift to tell carie happy thanksgiving. what a gift to be able to choose carie. what a gift to be with her and to see her joy on this day, knowing that she is loved, and that she has been chosen.

i am so grateful.


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