January 8, 2011

so i worked at this beautiful place in the southeastern woods for five years right. it was more than great. i loved being there. before i actually lived there…it was this feeling of coming home every time i pulled in the drive. i went to a staff reunion there one year over christmas break and my roommate at the time thought it was very strange that i would drive all the way to tennessee from florida just to be at this place with these people for a couple of days. then she worked there for a summer. and then she understood. and then she went to the reunions. it was just that kind of place. the kind of place with the kind of people that you are a part of once…and then you just always go back. you can’t help it, and you can’t explain it to people. it’s home. and it’s part of you.

currently i work at this place in a northwestern city…and it’s really beautiful. i realized this week that lots of people are always coming back…i think that’s a good sign.

so larche (where i work now) is this amazing place with a lot of really amazing people. really amazing. it’s a place where people of all gifts and difficulties – the seemingly strong and the seemingly weak – do life together. each strong and each weak in their own ways. each bringing their own strengths and challenges to the table, meeting there, and breaking bread. going shopping, changing briefs, dancing, listening, watching barney, taking our vitamins and medications, eating meals, laughing, sitting, playing, doing laundry, holding hands, holding each other, getting mochas, having tickle fights and playing thumb war. people doing life with people. it’s that simple. and did i mention that it’s really beautiful?

some of us struggle with selfishness and pride. some with behavior and walking. some of us talk too much and some of us wish we could speak. some struggle with putting our clothes on, overeating, toileting, yelling, motor skills, remembering, eating our food, wetting the bed, bathing ourselves, saying our prayers, and getting from point a to point b. and then there are others who have a really hard time with practicing gratefulness, kindness, giving of ourselves, being fair, patience, understanding, openness, child-like joy and faith, dancing skills, trust, peace, and knowing how to have fun.

the folks in our community are skilled in compassion, empathy, patience, love, comedy, grace, service, love for life, theatrics, passion, joy, fun, care, laughter, art, intention, hard work, prayer, adventure, sillyness, hope, perspective, and forgiveness.

see…we need each other.

ya know those moments in life that happen…and when you’re in it you feel really alive and like it belongs in a movie, and you just want to capture it and save it forever and replay it over and over again because it was so special? i have moments like that every day at larche. little glimpses of beauty and grace and love that are so precious and picture perfect that they can’t be repeated or explained…only lived, remembered, and cherished. i feel very blessed by this. lately i feel…that i don’t know what i did to deserve to meet these people, do life with them, spend time with them, and laugh and cry and play and eat and work and dance and struggle and joy with them…but i get to. it’s really beautiful, and i am overwhelmed with gratefulness.

i love what i get to do. i love this place. i love these people. i am very thankful.