today i rode a bike.

November 14, 2010

and it felt real good. even when the rain started to fall on me.

– i cut my hair today. hopefully it was a success. my hair is shorter anyway.
– i made a sweet new friend. i’m really thankful for her.
– get to see my new niece in 5 weeks. along with the rest of my family. what a lovely week that will beeeee.
– running is happening again. running needs to happen. running is challenging alone, in the rain and cold. running will continue…
– it’s a beautiful thing to be known deeply by someone. and to have them in your presence…even more beautiful. i miss that.
– love is crazy.
– i miss college and all those peeps.
– future possibilities are endless.
– today is all we’ve got.
– life overwhelms me very easily. i wish it would stop doing that.
– went to a conference all day today on human trafficking. i am re-inspired and encouraged and challenged to continue to pursue however/wherever it is that God created me to fit into this crazy world.
– also i met a bunch of franciscan nuns and plan to be their new best friend. hang-outs with the sisters to commence soon… these ladies kick butt.
– everything is spiritual.
– journaling = really good.
– a sweet sweet family at Soma (church) has somewhat adopted me and i couldn’t be more excited or grateful!
– beer pong is not my idea of fun.
– i am an old woman and everyone knows it.
– watch out for thrift stores on veterans day…they like to have 1/2-off sales.
– 1st thanksgiving away from family/deland…comin’ right up. it makes me sad to think about…but i am excited to do it up with the mandela house kids.

some things i’m realizing more and more every day…
1) i’m really blessed. like really really blessed. a lot of people care for me and show that care in beautiful and thoughtful ways. sometimes i just sit and think of the people in my life…and their kindness…and it just baffles me as to why  God chooses to bless me so.
2) i am an alien in a strange land. i don’t fit in…and i shouldn’t. if i am a child of God, then this world is not my home, and it shouldn’t feel like it. that’s tough. but really beautiful, and super rad to know that this isn’t IT!
3) a life lived for Christ should look radical. it should be radical. it should pose challenges. it shouldn’t be easy. his life wasn’t. and if it is…if i’m real comfortable…then i should probably mix things up a bit, sacrifice more, listen more, think of myself less, and get a little more uncomfortable.

on community…sustainability…etc…
i have failed miserably thus far it seems. or so it feels, anyway. after fall retreat last weekend in the beautiful hills of oregon, i am realizing the potential this year has, and how easy it would be to let it pass me by without challenging myself, working hard, and getting vulnerable (among other things). so here’s to trying harder and being more intentional!

we did have fall retreat. it was a rejuvinating time for my soul to be in the woods for 5 days. i really miss the woods. the job has had it’s ups and downs…it’s been a challenging time, but i can’t get over the Father’s faithfulness in my life. his plan is flawless and so above me. i mean, the dude hung the stars for goodness sake. things aren’t only going to be ok, they’re going to be great! and he’s revealing that to my eyes and my heart.

on blogging…
hopefully i’ll get better at it… 🙂 ❤