it’s community.

October 16, 2010

it’s new to me. it’s giving up pieces of myself. it’s a really beautiful way to live. it’s not always easy.

it’s taking others into consideration a lot. it’s not turning the lights on to get ready in the morning. it’s a family. it’s wearing earplugs in order to sleep. it’s laughter and it’s frustrations. it’s treating your grocery money like it’s someone else’s money…because it is. it’s playing your music quietly. it’s being a part of the bigger body. it’s sacrifice. it’s cooking for more than one. it’s openness, acceptance. it’s dying to self. it’s living by example. it takes time. it’s intentional. it’s doing dishes that aren’t yours…and with a joyful spirit. it goes against the norm. yet, it’s very organic, sustainable and seemingly natural. it’s “us”, instead of “me.” it’s support. it’s leaving the last cookie. it’s sanctification. it’s not always what we choose. it’s a lot of sharing. it will look like the energy you put into it. it’s learning grace. it’s beautiful and it can be ugly. it’s ups and it’s downs. it’s opportunity and connections. it’s differences…and embracing them. it’s boiling more than enough water and making more than enough rice. it’s communication, in all its various forms. it’s patience. it’s a really neat way to experience life. it takes our eyes off of self. it’s a process. it is good. it is an opportunity. it is a blessing.


One Response to “it’s community.”

  1. Renee said

    You’re describing the way a healthy family lives

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