it’s community.

October 16, 2010

it’s new to me. it’s giving up pieces of myself. it’s a really beautiful way to live. it’s not always easy.

it’s taking others into consideration a lot. it’s not turning the lights on to get ready in the morning. it’s a family. it’s wearing earplugs in order to sleep. it’s laughter and it’s frustrations. it’s treating your grocery money like it’s someone else’s money…because it is. it’s playing your music quietly. it’s being a part of the bigger body. it’s sacrifice. it’s cooking for more than one. it’s openness, acceptance. it’s dying to self. it’s living by example. it takes time. it’s intentional. it’s doing dishes that aren’t yours…and with a joyful spirit. it goes against the norm. yet, it’s very organic, sustainable and seemingly natural. it’s “us”, instead of “me.” it’s support. it’s leaving the last cookie. it’s sanctification. it’s not always what we choose. it’s a lot of sharing. it will look like the energy you put into it. it’s learning grace. it’s beautiful and it can be ugly. it’s ups and it’s downs. it’s opportunity and connections. it’s differences…and embracing them. it’s boiling more than enough water and making more than enough rice. it’s communication, in all its various forms. it’s patience. it’s a really neat way to experience life. it takes our eyes off of self. it’s a process. it is good. it is an opportunity. it is a blessing.


“the mountain is out!”

October 12, 2010

yes. the mountain was out today. mount rainier that is. that’s what everyone around here calls it (“the mountain”)…and that’s what we say when it’s a clear enough day that it is actually visible. and i can see it from my bedroom window…it’s pretty epic. days like today are special.


some things i am learning…

❤ when you can see blue sky (no matter how much of it)… it’s a beautiful day in the pacific northwest!

❤ i am an introvert. (i am probably the most introverted of everyone in my house)

❤ my pride hinders me from loving others as they deserve to be loved.

❤ now is all we have. now is urgent. now deserves grace…no matter who is inside of our now. now is precious. now is a gift. don’t take now for granted.

❤ i really hate a messy kitchen. a messy kitchen can easily put me in a bad mood. clean environment = happier allison.

❤ living off of [hardly any] money is hard. but its doable. and kind of fun because you are forced to be creative…and you just do without sometimes. but my needs are met. so have i really “needed” all that other stuff all along?…

❤ i really really really love to sew and to create things in general.

❤ i am insanely blessed. a lot of people love me for some reason. i don’t get it. but i’m grateful.

❤ i am crucified with christ. it is no longer i who live but christ who lives in me. the life i now live in the flesh i live by faith in the son of god, who loved me and gave himself for me.

❤ life is full of opportunity.

❤ i will not be content to live a life doing anything other than what i was created to do to serve christ and love. maybe this year he’s showing me more of what that will look like…


some things i am seeing…

so these are sweet little wild flower chimney sweep looking creatures that live in mount rainier national park. which by the way is out of this world…but in it.


ladies and gentlemen…meet: the mountain. pictures don’t do it justice. it’s freakin huge. i’m talkin…if you squint and turn your head to the left a little…you can see what is really a massive waterfall in the bottom left corner of this photo. epic. monstrous. beautiful. huge. massive. incredible. ok you get it…


these are two of my favorite people on the planet. they bring me much joy each day. this was a dance sesh to close out a weekend retreat we had. love them. teaching me so much.


and here is the family. we had a commissioning ceremony at the church next door and all our bosses and the local support community and lvc folk were there. we kind of dressed up. it was fun. this is on our front stoop.


the city. seattle, that is. from gasworks park. and my friend ben who came to visit from alabama…and his friend joseph, a seattlite. seattle is a great city. a really great city.