what? 2009??? seriously.

February 7, 2009

so life updates….this might get lengthy so i’m going to bold the main points of each paragraph so you readers can skip the less-interesting-to-you ones…

i am now 23 years of age. it was everything short of exciting. funny how things like that change so much with time. however, i am blessed to have a sweet sweet boyfriend and a sweet sweet friend in Gretchen…they threw me a surprise party and instead of a double date with the smeltzer’s, i ran into 30 people i knew at the bowling alley. it was a very good time.being away from family for the first time was kind of sad. and i did cry the day after my birthday because i miss my florida friends. my birthday made me realize how removed i am from them all. but here i am. and here i will be.

my sister Rebekah is preggers! with a little boy! yay for nephews woo hooo!!! can’t wait! 

….welp…i’ve raised over $2,000 thus far for Benin! (i think it’s actually about $2,300 but I have to double check some recent donation amounts) aaaaand I am in the process of planning a benefit awareness dinner to happen at camp. Mama and Papa are cookin, and hopefully me and my team members can bring in about 70 or so peeps for dinner, to see some videos, and to hear about what we’re doing in Benin… I’m pumped! Kaitlyn is going to try to come up from Tally for Unseen Stories representative purposes. so hopefully that will work out…
Africa is becoming a reality and it’s very VERY exciting!!! 

i bought a plane ticket to a secret destination where the people receiving me will be surprise! i’m very excited about that trip as well.  

I have an Etsy account! allisonrwhite.etsy.com – Check it! now you can buy directly from there, instead of having to email me and what not. it’s quite handy.


We had an Artist Retreat here at camp in early January. That was uber fun. There were lots of musicians, then crafters, videographers, photographers, painters and sketchers galore! It was really great to meet new people with artistic brains and just fellowship and learn and play together for a weekend. my new friend carla drew my face below…


my current musical obsession is Rosie Thomas. when i was in Tally over the break, Zach gave me a ton of music and she was one of them. so beautiful, if you haven’t already, you NEED to check her out. 

speaking of Tallahassee…it was a lovely time there over the Christmas break. i really enjoyed bonfires and meals and coffee pub times with friends. i had to say goodbye to the coffee pub and was there for the closing…but i know it still sort of exists just in different form. i feel like it was the end of an era in some ways. the community i had there was the best i’ve ever had…i hope to have that again someday in my travels. 

speaking of Florida…I am contemplating camping out on the beach for the last week of August when I get back from Africa. if I am in fact back by then (which i plan to be…my trip goes through the 14th of the month as of now). SO…if you’re interested in being a part…please join me??? I’m talking cheapo trip…minimalism. tent, bread, peanut butter, sunshine and the sound of crashing waves. living in Narnia has been difficult and i REALLY miss being able to go to the beach, or just warmth in general. so I want to spend time there before heading back to the mountains in September. I’M SERIOUS. LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT TO JOIN. I think it will be a wonderful time. plus it would probably be good for me to slowly adjust back to american culture by some camping instead of being thrust back into city life and 8,000 choices for every decision and air conditioning and restaurants and whatnot. 

I’m trying to learn a little bit of French to prepare for Benin. French is hard. and I really don’t enjoy teaching myself. a little help would be most welcome.

I’m reading the chronicles of Narnia right now. I finished the lion witch and wardrobe the other day and am totally engrossed in the horse and his boy. very very good book. that C.S. Lewis knew what he was doing…

CLS has a board meeting the other night and I had to speak to the board and ask for a leave of absence for going to Africa, express my interest in returning in the Fall, and ask for the board’s blessing to have a benefit/awareness dinner on camp grounds. It went really well…they were all very supportive and after I left they motioned and voted yes to donate a very generous amount to my fundraising! I am so thankful! God is totally providing slowly but surely for this endeavor to become a reality! I’m getting so excited! 

For my birthday matthew bought me wood for us to build a shoe rack together. it is pictured below. i love it. it’s got some pretty old barn wood on the top and sides. and it keeps me from tripping over my shoes all the time. i love making things! 


I’m excited…on March 1st, Matthew, Gretchen, Jon and I are going on a roadtrip to Asheville, NC! David Wilcox is performing downtown that night so we’re going to hear him and spend time with Matthew’s sister and her family. I think a couple other friends of his will be there too. I love Asheville and want to spend more time learning that town…

Speaking of cool places -> Tomato Head! best restaurant i may have ever been to. There’s one in Knoxville that’s the original, and a second has been opened in Maryville. it’s super vegetarian friendly, super healthy and FRESH ingredients, and so so yummy. plus a little trendy which is fun but less important. LOVED IT! If you’re ever in Knoxville or Maryville you MUST go there.  

we had a SNOW DAY recently which was super fun. Jon, Gretchen, Matthew, Alea, and myself traveled to the NC/TN line on the Cherohala skyway and found some massive amounts of snow! super fun!



Thanks for reading!

hopefully sooner than later,
❤ AL


One Response to “what? 2009??? seriously.”

  1. all of this sounds awesome. see…God is awesome in tennessee just like he is in florida. just totally awesome everywhere. i cant wait to see you next…im humongous! just wait! the laughing will commence at the sight of me!! love and miss you. sorry i havent called back. still not in much of a talking mood after last weeks happenings. but i do love you. thank you.

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