where does the time go?

December 16, 2008

my life in a nutshell:

– I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNT!!!! (again) my sister, Beka, is 12 weeks prego, due July 1st with her first child! SO EXCITED! 

– i’ve been able to go to florida twice in november, and despite the circumstances of one trip, i am very thankful to have had that opportunity to see friends and family. and it was nice to be able to put on shorts and a t-shirt again too.

 – i finally made it to gainesville to Lauren, Linds, and Kelly’s house….so cute.

– it’s been FREEZING here. we had snow and sleet ALL DAY last monday. supposedly this is a very cold winter so far compared to usual….GREAT! :\ this week it’s been “warmer” with high’s in the 50’s even, but it’s supposed to rain every day. boooo.

– I’ve spent a TON of time on buttonsbyAL lately…God has totally blessed that and I am raising funds slowly but surely. I have surpassed the $1,000 mark! Thank you, Jesus! So excited about this summer!

– HAPPY BELATED THANKSGIVING! hope it was wonderful…

– i’ve been helping direct a children’s Christmas musical at Wildwood…the performance was a week ago! so much fun…the kids have been adorable. 

– a best friend of mine, Sarah Rivero is NOW Sarah Khandjian! I was honored to be her right hand lady and it was a beautiful wedding and such a fun weekend. SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO! 

– another best friend of mine, Lindsay Stacey, is now Lindsay Hodges as of this past Saturday! can’t believe it…so good to be a part of that also! 

– this past wednesday, I was asked to speak at a youth group in Decatur, TN re: human trafficking, Unseen Stories and going to Benin. it was a great visit. The church has offered to help support me and my trip to Benin. so thankful.  

– Gretchen and I are trying to run Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30 every week…it’s super cold but worth it. it’s difficult with all the rain tho…i’m trying to build my endurance back up…it’s difficult at a higher elevation and colder temp’s!

– i’ve been super busy somehow. i guess the holidays are generally busier times than the rest of the year for lots of reasons. i’m behind on day-to-day stuff like emails and the sort

– tomorrow night Gretch and I are having a sleepover for the high school girls from church at my little cabin! so excited! 

– thursday the holiday travels begin! Rome, GA; Dallas, GA, Tallahassee, FL; DeLand, then back to camp for the counselor reunion! so excited to see so many friends and family!

will post pictures of the past couple months soon…