October is half-way over!

October 14, 2008

Time has been flying by lately…I’ve been in a out of town a lot and we’ve got weekend groups coming again. Getting involved at Wildwood and trying to stay on tope of things…phew! But it’s been great! 

I love going to see my Dallas, GA cousins. I always leave from there encouraged and challenged. I think that’s what being brothers and sisters (in Christ) is all about. I’m thankful to always find it when I visit them. Got to spend a lot of quality time with jake’s boys…and I got to hang at uncle Jody and Aunt Lynn’s one night which is always a riot…especially when Jake and Joey get together. had really good and much needed conversation with uncle Jody too, which I am very thankful for. Jake and Nat taught me to knit which was rad. It was just a great time of catching up, meaningful conversation, and family lovin! here’s some pics from the weekend…


Sweet Asher…big brother.

Sweet Abram…baby brother.

cousins…Joey and Jacob. 
(my hair is getting long and awkward…but i figure I probly need it for winter…)

I was also able to take a brief trip to Tallahassee for a weekend and see my sister and her family…I didn’t get out much or get to see many people cause there just wasn’t the time. But what time I did have was so very good for the heart and soul. I got to spend lots of time with my nieces who I have missed terribly…Matthew and I stopped in Pensacola to see his family before heading home. And on our way back, we stopped through Birmingham to visit our friends Zach and Stephen. I wish I would have gotten a picture with that Zachary…his fro is AWESOMELY huge these days…bigger than I’ve ever seen! Aside from reunion with friends and good hugs and talks…what was SO SO COOL about that visit was stopping at Zach’s new place of “work”…

…He works at a store called “Nomad Supply.” This isn’t just any store. All day there is free, fair trade coffee brewing. Upstairs there are couches and chairs to lounge around and surf the web or for some of their friends without homes…to take  nap and feel at home. They sell fair trade products…and handmade items from local artists and peace-keepers wanting to make a change. Everything from skirts and bags to vegan cookies and soap. They also host musicians and have shows on the weekends sometimes. A lot of the products being sold are for a cause like International Justice Mission or other things of the sort. Moral of the story: COOLEST PLACE I’VE EVER BEEN! Such an awesome vision and purpose behind it. Owned and run by followers of Jesus, supported by a local church, and doing rad things in the community. Another perk to the story… I’M GOING TO SELL MY BUTTON JEWELRY THERE!!! Zach set me up and I’ll be mailing him a box of goodies this weekend…check it out:


Ok so Fall got here while I was outta town…check it: (I’ll post more as it gets more beautiful!)

In other news…Matthew and I went to Nashville. I got to spend quality time with my good friend and soon bride-to-be, Lindsay in Murfreesboro. And Matt and I went to hear Shane Claiborne speak in Nashville with our friend Cassie, and my high school friend Jessica. It was a great and very brief trip…Shane had a lot of rad things to say…mostly because all he believes and speaks of is based in scripture and the life of Jesus. He was there pre- “debate 08” to speak of Jesus and politics in a way. I was very glad I went. His main point was that yes, deciding whether or not to vote and deciding who to vote for are important decisions…but MUCH MORE IMPORTANT is to “vote every day with your life.” Kind of an echoing of the famous quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” If you are pro-life, then fight abortion by loving at-risk pregnant women. If you are anti-war than fight it by loving our brothers and sisters of every nation. vote every day with your life. Don’t vote for the president once every four years and think you’ve done your big civil duty. Vote every day by how you live your life and who you choose to love…It was a very powerful message for me…I hope the same goes for you.