I went to my first nascar race this weekend. Bristol. wow. before we even got near the stadium i saw some SWEET mullets…on some girls as well as guys. i was definitely out of my element. I’m not sure Matthew was in his element either…but he was sure eatin’ it up! it was an experience i will not soon forget. as well as one i probably won’t happen upon again…as much fun as i had. 😉 here’s some photos…I stood in line for the Tony car just for you, sis!

Grammy has been lots of fun to take care of. We played checkers the other night and she DOMINATED me. she may be 92…but she can throw down on some board games. I’m keeping a log of hilarious quotes from her. she brings me joy for sure. That woman has some serious faith which has been really cool to hear and see daily… maybe we’ll take a picture together and I’ll post it…

I might be helping out with the youth group at church pretty soon. It seems like the girls need some kind of mentor to look up to…and I was asked to think/pray about helping out. So we’ll see if they want me! I know I would have loved to have that when I was their age…

my friend Lindsay flew over camp the other day and took pictures….here’s the arial view:

that’s the top where mama and papa, grammy, and myself live.

and this is camp! the new building near the bottom is the Chapel contruction site! so excited about that!

and lastly….I learned how to drive a bobcat! HA! so much fun!

i’m catching up on my emails this week! promise! 

LOVE LOVE LOVE to you all! ❤


I’m here!

August 21, 2008


Lilly was packed down for the trip…but she made it with no problems! 

My drive to work is a 1/2 mile from my house. or an 8 minute hike. I’m trying to take the hike because the roads aren’t so great on my car…plus it’s good exercise and i can find random creature and plants along my way. I’ve seen deer every day this week!

I’ve been running in the mornings with my friend Gretchen. she’s going to get me back into shape. it’s a beautiful run! 

I will be looking after 92-year-old “Grammy” this week…and Jon and Gretchen’s little girls this weekend.  

I’ll be heading to the Mennonite market with Gretchen sometime soon to get some fresh produce…i’m excited!

This is the view from my front porch…

Home sweet home. 

I started work on monday…8/18. It’s going to be a process of learning the ropes as far as camp procedures and my tasks go. I will have a lot going on at one time but I love the work I have been doing so I’m excited about it! 

i’ll post more soooon!

click here for the link to an album of these + more pics I posted on facebook…

and click here for camp’s website. You can view pics of the grounds by clicking on the “CLS picture albums” on the ride hand side. my office is in the building called “Encouragram Mail Station & Snack Shack.” Or just browse if you feel like reading about where i live/work. my pic and bio will be up on the staff page sometime this coming week. (weird!) 🙂