new fave…

“Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?” – Jesus Christ of Nazareth

I don’t have an answer to that question….but i do know that’s my biggest struggle. I know this fall with work out. whether i move to tennessee or i’m “stuck” in tallahassee or amanda and i fly to hawaii for a few months. i’ll be ok. He already knows where i’ll be and he’s going to take care of me. He has a plan and His is the best…i couldn’t eve thwart it if i tried…so why am i letting fear cripple me? it’s so hard to live outside of my momentary concerns…if i only had the faith of a mustard seed…God…I want to move mountains…be my strength and do not allow me to rely on my own…it along with my reliance on it are worthless and will lead me nowhere…

in other news….
-internship is going well. i met a sweet litle girl today who was adopted and is visually impaired as well as severely developmentally delayed. Praise God for couple who have the hearts to adopt such jewels and give their lives to loving them…
-i’m afraid i may be too selfish to love anyone or let them love me. (again…the fear thing)
-i’m going to nashville…i hope to see some pretty tennessee faces who i love so vary much there.
-i’m going to be IN 2 weddings this fall. i’ve been TO two in the past 2 weeks. (everyone is getting engaged/married…what’s with that?) 🙂
-i’m biking again. going full throttle. 25-mile-ride here i coooooome.
-i am reminded daily of how many amazing people are in my life. i’m so thankful for incredible friends. moving will be bittersweet.
-in a month and a half i will be packing up my home of 3 years…
-this time next year I have faith that I will be in Benin, Africa.
-in about 14 months i may be working on my MSW???
…things are a changin’…

currently listening to a lot of: Patty Griffin, Guster, Jimmy Eat World, and Sufjan Stevens.

Currently reading: the book of Mark, Irresistable Revolution. next on the list: Redeeming love. again.